PDA University

Certified PDA Trainers

With the purpose of ensuring the correct interpretation of the information provided by the Personal Development Analysis (PDA) Assessment, and accompanying the business’ international growth, PDA International trains, certifies and provides support to a global network of PDA Trainers.

PDA Trainers, certified by PDA International, are the only ones authorized to run PDA training seminars and certify PDA Analysts. Once a Consultant is certified as a PDA Trainer, he/she will be able to organize and run PDA Analyst Certification Seminars and provide PDA Support, but will not be able to train or certify other PDA Trainers.

After certification, the PDA Trainer receives a certificate and is registered in the PDA Trainers Registry. This registry can be consulted by our Clients and Partners.

PDA International has developed the PDA Trainers Certification and Follow-up Process so as to train and prepare PDA Trainers correctly. The intention of this process is not only to ensure the proper and adequate transfer of knowledge to PDA Trainers, but also to help strengthen and keep a dynamic and close relationship with them. This allows them to be updated regarding improvements and new features on the PDA Platform, as well as new reports or chapters created for the PDA Report.

If you wish to obtain more information about the PDA Trainers Certification Process, click here.

If you wish to become a PDA Trainer and be part of our team of trainers, do not hesitate to contact us at consulting@pdainternational.net.

PDA Trainers Panel


In this section PDA Trainers will be able to “Declare” the PDA Analyst Certification Seminar they are about to run, access the list of Analysts they’ve certified and observe global results of their quality surveys.

Material for the PDA Analyst Certification Seminar


In this section PDA Trainers will access all the materials and documents required for coordinating and running a PDA Analyst Certification Seminar.

Promote your PDA Analyst Certification Seminars

The documents below will help you increase your business. They have been created to promote PDA Analyst Certification Seminars. Download the seminar invitation brochure to reach out to your clients with a clear and concise message that will attract participants to your seminars. The PDA vs graph offers a blunt comparison that expresses the advantages of working with the PDA Assessment. The e-mail templates for promoting PDA University workshops will expand your service portfolio and transference of know-how.

Seminar mail invitation – Editable [Download]
PDA vs DiSC Graph [Download]
• Invitation templates for MPC Coach [Download] and JOBS [Download] workshops
Step by step: how to start the PDA Analyst Certification process [Download]

PDA Analyst Certification – Macro
This document consists of a description and overview of the PDA Analyst Certification Seminar, from sending invitations to generating Certificates. It provides the necessary recommendations and instructions to guide PDA Trainers in coordinating and running Analyst Certification Seminars.

E-mail invitation template
In this section you will find e-mail templates for inviting people to seminars.
• With e-learning• Without e-learning

Preliminary reading material
This material includes basic information for understanding the theories, underlying concepts and indicators of the PDA Assessment. It is essential that participants read this material before attending the certification seminar.

PowerPoint for the PDA Analyst Certification Seminar
This file is used during the PDA Analyst Certification Seminar and a printed copy is handed to participants.

PowerPoint for the PDA Analyst Certification Seminar - Notes
This file is similar to the one used during the PDA Analyst Certification Seminar but it includes additional notes and useful explanations for training PDA Trainers.

PDA Analyst Manual
This Manual includes all the necessary information for guiding PDA Analysts during the administration and interpretation of the information provided by the PDA Assessment.

Laminated material
By clicking on each link, you’ll access the documents that must be laminated and handed to participants.
• Model Case
• Analyst Guide
• Quick Reference Guide

Practical exercises
By clicking on each link, you’ll access the necessary documents for carrying out the practical exercises during the seminar.
• PS
• Practical cases
• Videos - Movie Clips
• Characters’ cards
• Videos - Perception Examples: to display in Seminars.

Additional material
By clicking on each link, you’ll access each of these documents, which are useful and necessary for organizing seminars.
• Check List
• Personal cards
• Room configuration

Example Forms
By clicking on each link, you’ll access the PDA Form and the PDA-JOB Form, which will be used during the seminars.
• PDA Form
• PDA-JOB Form

Final Exam
By clicking on this link, you’ll access the two versions of the Final Exam. One is for participants and the one containing answers is for the PDA Trainer.
• For participants
• For the Trainer (with answers)

Editing PDA documents
This file contains the guidelines for editing PDA documents.